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MIACCA scholarship assists William Hunsaker in his career as a HVAC Technical.

Ferris State Senior, William Hunsaker was awarded a scholarship from Michigan Air Conditioning Contractors Association (MIACCA).

William is a 27-year-old, Clarkston, MI resident who left his friends and family to pursue an education in the heating ventilation, air condition and refrigeration industry at Ferris State University.

“I came to the campus not knowing anyone there, including my three roommates, said Hunsaker. Some college living arrangements are tight quarters. However, Williams living situation was less than ideal.

Hunsaker spent very few hours at his apartment. Instead he utilized the outlets provided on campus, taking up most of his time during the day.

Through these outlets and many experiences at Ferris State University, Hunsaker found his career calling. He was interested in knowing the process of how buildings can heat, cool, and ventilate. Ferris State had a program tailor made for his interest

William believes the HVACR industry is promising and should have better marketing attracting people with right kind of desire and skills to the mechanical trades. More marketing will hopefully lead to more support for other career seekers who may be interested in this field but unaware that it’s even available…

“Before I decided on HVACR as a career path, I had never seen any career information broadcasted about the industry.” Hunsaker said. “If there was more information provided towards picking a career path in the HVACR industry, I believe there would be more students in this field.”

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William is majoring in HVACR Engineering and Energy Management. Prior to taking classes for for his major he started doing some troubleshooting as a building maintenance technician, because he was interested in how the building worked.

However, Hunsaker did not become a HVACR major until he was contacted by Jill Trinklein, Ferris State Public Relation, Marketing and Distance Learning Officer for HVACR, about their Bachelor’s Program and the idea of designing systems, while being involved with the construction and replacements in HVACR.

Like most graduating seniors, William is quickly approaching the time to decide on career opportunities. Although unsure of a specific company, he knows and is excited to be a part of the industry.

“I am still trying to figure out what career path I want to go in with HVACR, I’m currently interning at Trane Inc. as a Sales Engineer which is providing me with an eye opening view to all the facets of the industry,” said Hunsaker.

Hunsaker applied for the MIACCA scholarship in hopes of receiving financial help towards his studies, while finishing his last year at FSU.

“This scholarship will help me out tremendously. I am on campus full-time which limits the time I have to work. So, any kind of financial assistance I receive means less in loans I have to pay back,” said Hunsaker.

Hunsaker is expected to graduate in the spring of 2017 and grateful to be able to finish his last semesters without any financial stressors.

“I feel grateful and blessed, to have been selected for this scholarship... I have never received anything like this in my life.” Hunsaker continued, “I am honored to have stood out from all the other applicants and become the one who was selected this year,” said William Hunsaker, Ferris State Senior and 2016 MIACCA scholarship recipient.

MIACCA has been supporting students at Ferris State’s HVACR Program for over 12 years with stipends to attend the ACCA National Conference and yearly scholarship awards.




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